Brand Yourself (It’s Painless, We Swear)

Written by Adaptix on September 25, 2020

By hiring us you acquire a tool to catapult your brand into the eye of the public. We take what you do best and make it look as awesome as it really is by doing what we do best. While you may just want a website or a new logo, we think of everything as an extension of your brand. Thinking this way is powerful and that’s why we recommend starting from the ground up. Let us assess your identity and build you a new one. This can be done on top of an existing logo (if you don’t want a new one) or around a completely new mark. Either way, we strongly recommend addressing every aspect: colors, typography, graphic style, photography, etc. Once these elements are fleshed out they can then be applied to the physical products you desire: a website, a brochure, posters, social media posts, etc. Your brand is a living, breathing thing. Let us nurture it.

When you start from the ground up you build something real–you build something intangible and tangible at the same time. Sometimes clients feel strongly about the logo they already have, and we get that! While most of the time we’ll argue for a logo redesign or revamp we understand wanting to keep the old one around. In some cases, however, this doesn’t mean better branding can’t be built from it or around it.

Your living, breathing brand should be applicable to virtually anything. Thinking this way ensures us that the branding was done correctly. During the process we may mockup products or examples that have no real use or function just to test the applicability of your brand (anything from landing pages, business cards, and posters to coffee mugs, socks, and temporary tattoos). Again, good branding can be used anywhere.

With a helping hand, we generally tell our clients to “brand yourself.” Yes, we’ll do the work to create the brand, but it can’t be done without a solid idea of who or what your brand is. Then, once the work is done it must be maintained. We supply you with everything you may need to apply your brand to everything you do moving forward: fonts, color codes, graphic packages, photography examples, and style guides. We also train you how to properly use the systems we’ve put in place and how to keep the look and feel of things consistent on all platforms/mediums.

“Branding yourself” is more than changing the look and feel of your company or service, it is realizing your voice and using it in all forms. To be a successful brand you must find your voice and speak loud and speak often.

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