Our Manifesto: A Letter to a Potential Client

Written by Adaptix on October 01, 2020

A Little About Us

We are Adaptix Creative, a remote team of creative thinkers passionate about brand design and JAMstack web development. We use our distinct illustrative style, knowledge of design, expertise in development, and experience in I.T. to provide our clients with one-of-a-kind products and second-to-none support.

The Designer/Client Relationship

Before we build your brand, we must first build a relationship. This project will be a lot of fun, but it will also be a lot of work. There will be times when we may ask a lot of you. We may push you out of your comfort zone. You’re reading this because you want us to help you reach your full potential, and believe us, we want that too! The better the final project looks the better we look! So, if we agree to work together and regularly communicate throughout the process, this will be painless.

By hiring us you essentially acquire a tool to catapult your brand into the eye of the public. We take what you do best and make it look as awesome as it really is by doing what we do best. While you may just want a website or a new logo, we think of everything as an extension of your brand. Thinking this way is powerful and that’s why we recommend starting from the ground up. Let us assess your identity and build you a new one. This can be done on top of an existing logo (if you don’t want a new one) or around a completely new mark. Either way, we strongly recommend addressing every aspect: colors, typography, graphic style, photography, etc. Once these elements are fleshed out they can then be applied to the physical products you desire: a website, a brochure, posters, social media posts, etc. Your brand is a living, breathing thing. Let us nurture it.

Our Process

Discover Phase

When we first start the project, we’ll need to audit you. This includes, not just getting a hold of all of your content, but understanding what makes you tick. What are your goals? How do you feel about your brand? Once we get an idea of who you are we’ll make lists and maps of the content you have, determine what stays, what goes, what gets enhanced, what gets minimized, and how to design something around your content that helps it make an impact on the right people.

This part is messy. This is where we brainstorm and sketch and go on long walks hoping to be inspired by a plastic bag in the wind. This is when the ideas happen. We’ll go through plenty of them, some no so great. After we work through this we’ll gather up the good ones and refine them.

Define Phase

At this point we take those refined ideas, apply them to a few different mockups, prototypes, etc. and present you with some things you can show your parents, significant other, or dog (we don’t know, just get some feedback). You’ll see some potential styles, applications of your new brand, perhaps a landing page or two, you know, things that give you a “feel” for the final product without all the pieces, parts, and functionality. We couple this with a comprehensive plan explaining why we believe these things will be effective, how we will implement the proposed solutions, and when everything will be completed. After a discussion where we gather feedback and adjust we get your blessing and disappear for a while.

Develop Phase

Now, we grind. During this time we will be drinking copious amounts of coffee, getting the job done. We will build your identity and apply it to your desired products. We then rigorously test and review the products and prepare to present.

When we meet again we will present work that is 90% complete. We do this in order to gather that last little bit of feedback to make some last minute additions/tweaks (if necessary). It is important to note, at this point, we will not be making “revisions” to the product or products, only small changes, corrections, and additions.

We believe in our work, and we think you should too. If at this point your requests or suggestions have the potential impact results negatively then we have a responsibility to say no. It is important to remember that we don’t design for your personal wants but for the needs and wants of your customers and audience. We set goals earlier in the process for this exact reason.

If we try to change important parts of the design toward the end of a project by making last minute, nitpicky decisions, we will get what is referred to as a Frankenstein (an end-product composed of various stylistics changes without much strategy or reasoning resulting in what is, essentially, a monster). We’re not saying that we don’t want to hear your suggestions, that is an important part of the designer/client relationship! We also aren’t saying that we won’t make necessary changes. We will gladly fix bugs, typos, and mistakes but the structure, function, and aesthetics were made intentionally to solve a problem. In the end, we must work together and trust each other’s judgement. 

Deliver Phase

After carefully making necessary changes, refining the details, and polishing the product, we give it to you (we may have grown attached, so we’ll try not to get emotional). At this point we will help show you how to use the product, provide you with user-guides/stylebooks, etc. and make sure the transition is seamless. She’s all yours now, they grow up so fast! If you need us, you know where to find us.

In Conclusion

We have great faith in our skills and in our process. We believe that together, we can do great things. We very much look forward to working with you and creating something new.

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